About us

 Dor Ben-Dayan

I'm an aspiring animator from Israel. I've been doing freelance work for the past 3 years in illustration, 3D modelling, animation and more.

I draw inspiration for my works from video games, Disney\Pixar animation, Japanese anime and general art and design that can be seen all around us.

Please visit my online portfolio to see more of my works.

"There's no greater joy than starting your day with a cup of tea."

 Terry Freedman

An Israeli CG artist in progress. I've been drawing practically my whole life, always having particular interest in character design, with my greatest inspiration pulled from video games,  American and Japanese comic books and animations.

Animation was an obvious choice for me when I had to decide what I want to do professionally. Even as a kid, I've been trying to analyze and make sense of films I watched.

Today I'm working as a freelance animator and illustrator,
And constantly looking for ways to improve.