During the production of our animation, some questions are constantly raised, and we thought it would be appropriate to gather the most frequently asked ones under one roof. So here we go:

What softwares are you using to produce the film?

We're using an open source 3D suite called Blender for most purposes, such as modeling, rendering, animating and editing our footage. we also use Adobe's Photoshop for any 2D design work and The Foundry's Mari for texturing.

Why use blender? (and not Maya or Max?) 

Blender provided us with many convenient tools for modeling, that suited us better than the ones provided in other 3D softwares. Blender is updated regularly and new addons are constantly created by a very supportive and generous community and provides us with simple solutions to most tasks in the production pipeline.
Furthermore, being freelancers, the fact that Blender is a complete 3D package that comes for free and available for commercial use is very economic. 

I really love what you're doing, can I help somehow?

We've managed to tackle most tasks so far, but animation remains a very time consuming task. If you're a character animator interested in contributing your time for the success of this project, we would love to hear from you :) Also, if you have knowledge of Blender and have ever worked with simulations of liquids and fractures, we can use your help.
We should mention that this is a low-budget profitless project, so we can't guarantee any financial compensation.