This page is dedicated to groups and individuals who are helping us in the production of our animation.

Tel-Hai Technological College

The Tel-Hai Technological College is located in north of Israel and provides high education in numerous fields.
Among those is the communications department for film and animation, whose staff provides us with all help that we need to make our movie happen, putting in their time, knowledge and resources.

The Second Authority for Television & Radio - Snunit Foundation

The Second Authority for Television & Radio is the public authority that supervises commercial broadcasting in Israel.
It has provided us with a production grant for developing our movie as part of their Snunit Foundation for aspiring independent producers.

Studio Pitchipoy 

Pitchipoy is an animation Studio house located in Israel. The studio has a rich experience and has been involved in a variety of projects since 1985.
We've been given constant help and advising from  the studio's staff in matters regarding production and technical direction.