We were recommended to use Blender in our production pipeline, and were not disappointed with the results. Blender lets you model, unwrap, texture, rig, animate, simulate, render and edit and all in high quality standards, fit for production and without cost.
Please visit for more information. is a website dedicated to the development and community of the open-source 3D solution package - Blender.

Photoshop CS6 (Adobe)
Photoshop was used for all pre-production illustrated needs. from designing the characters, assets, environment and mattes to storyboards,color scripts and visual development tests.

Premiere CS6 (Adobe)
While blender allows for editing in addition to the rest of its modeling and animating tools, premiere live file update and project assets sorting made Premiere a very easy software to use for editing our animation, from animatic stage to final render.

Mari 2.0 (The Foundry)
Mari is a texturing software which offers great flexibility and a very intuitive workflow when texturing a 3D model. It allows painting straight on the model or paining on the UV layout. Mari has a large variety of brushes, it allows a shader preview, has layers, adjustment layers, masking layers and many more toold which makes the texturing process friendly and intuitive.

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